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MultiDyne unveils COMMS-2000 intercom interface

MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Systems has introduced the COMMS-2000 two-wire-to-four-wire intercom interface.

The COMMS-2000 interface allows the conversion of a single channel of standard or TW party-line intercom to four-wire audio, while also converting call signals to RS-422 data. It also can convert the signal to its original form.

The resulting audio and RS-422 data from the COMMS-2000 can then be sent to a Clear-Com Matrix port, fiber optic converter, such as the MultiDyne Fiber-Comms or connected to another COMMS-2000 over twisted-pair cable such as CAT-5E.

With hybrid null, offering superior isolation between sender and caller audio, and wide-range level controls, the COMMS-2000 may also be used as a stand-alone two-to-four-wire converter. It is also an integrated component for the LiGHTBoX field portable fiber optic transport system.