MultiDyne offers DVM-3500 fiber transport

The MultiDyne DVM-3500 is a 12-bit video and four-channel data fiber-optic transport system that offers performance exceeding RS250C short-haul and broadcast specifications.

The system will support one video and up to four bidirectional data channels. The DVM-3500 provides point-to-point fiber transport capability but can migrate to and be fully compatible with the company’s Fiber Head to Hub Fiber Network.

The system fully integrates a complete video test signal generator to test remotely or locally for a camera or video signal failure. It can be setup to switch a video test signal on the line automatically to indicate a camera or video failure. The system also includes full internal remote diagnostics.

The DVM-3500 offers video signal-to-noise ratio greater than 75dB and a signal-to-quantizing-noise ratio of greater than 71dB.c

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