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Modesto church distributes services online with help from Granite 1000

Calvary Chapel Modesto (CA) is using the Broadcast PixGranite 1000 video control center to produce live webcasts of its religious services for an online audience, while simultaneously delivering an image magnification (I-MAG) presentation across its 17-acre campus.

The church upgraded to Granite in July 2011, replacing an outdated single-camera SD production system installed in 2003.

Along with three Sony BRC-Z330 pan/tilt/zoom cameras, which are positioned along the back wall of the church to provide multiple angles of the altar and congregation, the Granite 1000 also is used to produce special events such as concerts, conferences and memorials.

The church also uses Granite’s built-in Fluent workflow tools, including the Fluent-View multiviewer. Fluent Clip Store is used for sermon illustrations and video announcements, while the built-in Harris Inscriber CG displays scripture references.