Mobile TV screens get 3-D

3-D viewing is coming to the tiny screen and leaving the goofy glasses behind, thanks to 3M’s new, field-sequential 3D Display Film for handheld devices and applications such as mobile TV. The new optical film made its debut at the Korea Electronics Show last week.

Providing a simple route to 3-D viewing, 3M 3D optical film is integrated into the backlight module, and assembly is nearly identical to existing systems, according to 3M. The standard optical film stack is replaced with a reflective film, custom light guide and 3-D film. By using directional backlight technology, left and right images are focused sequentially into the viewer’s eyes — enabling a full-resolution display of the panel. The film only requires one LCD panel and operates at a 120Hz refresh rate. Reportedly, the film is effective on screens as large as 9in.