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MLB Network manages ad operations with Broadway Systems platform

The new MLB Network is using Broadway Systems software to manage its entire advertising operation, from sales and traffic to billing and reporting. Broadway Systems has provided a fully integrated, end-to-end software platform engineered specifically for cable networks like MLB Network that will allow it to grow and change throughout the years.

Because MLB Network is a new network, there were no legacy system issues, so implementation was fast and easy. In addition, MLB Network did not have to go to other vendors for sales planning, proposals, stewardship or accounting applications. MLB Network is using the Broadway Traffic and Billing, Broadway Sales Planning and Proposal, and Broadway Stewardship software modules.

Since 2002, Broadway Systems has collaborated with companies such as FOX News, the Scripps Networks and CBS College Sports (a division of CBS Sports) to implement a programming, sales, traffic, stewardship and billing software system. Today, this platform manages more than $2 billion in advertising revenues with daily Audience Deficiency Unit analysis, management of secondary events, multiplatform systems integration and other features.