Mirics, VERTEX3D unveil digital streamer card

Mirics, developer of FlexiTV, a commercial software-based global TV receiver, has teamed up with AMD graphics cards brand VERTEX3D to launch VTX3D HD6670/6570 Digital Streamer Edition. The new product enables graphics card users to watch free digital TV on their PCs.

The Digital Streamer version of the HD6670/6570 adds Mirics FlexiTV software and a built-in TV-tuner to this graphics product. When connected to a standard TV antenna, it will receive and decode all the local free-to-air TV and radio stations.

Using the PC's Window Media Center with Mirics FlexiTV, users can watch, record, save and play back programs whenever they want. In addition, the VTX3D Digital Streamer Edition enables the PC to become a streaming server, and users can watch all of their home TV programs anywhere in the world on their PC in HD/SD quality.