Mirics extends FlexiTV software mobile TV receiver to Intel Atom-based platforms

Mirics Semiconductor has expanded its FlexiTV mobile TV receiver with mobile TV and radio applications for the Intel Atom CPU platform, with the aim of encouraging OEMs to embed mobile TV and radio functionality in ultra-portable and low-power PC products such as netbooks and mobile internet devices (MIDs). Mirics also announced Atom-based software demodulation support for Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) and FM radio.

A host processor-based software system originally targeting dual-core x86 notebooks, FlexiTV is designed for products such as netbooks and MIDs where maintaining battery life is important. For example, with ISDB-T 1seg, software demodulation running on an N270 Atom processor consumes a CPU load of only 20 percent, the company says.

“ISDB-T and T-DMB continue to represent the most significant market opportunities for mobile TV,” said Mirics CEO Simon Atkinson. Mirics plans to make samples of FlexiTV solutions for Atom available to select partners during Q3 2009 and to formally release the new features in Q4 2009.

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