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Miranda technology supports stereoscopic 3-D TV channels

Miranda Technologies has introduced several new stereoscopic 3-D products to simplify the launch of 3-D TV channels, including the Densite 3DX-3901 signal processor, the Imagestore 750 channel branding processor, and the Kaleido family of multiviewers.

The Densite 3DX-3901 signal processor offers high-quality conversion of multiple 3-D formats, including dual 1.5Gb/s, single 1.5Gb/s, dual 3Gb/s and single 3Gb/s, with side-by-side encoding and Sensio side-by-side encoding. Monitoring functions include anaglyph, difference-disparity, and left or right eye display.

The processor includes a proc amp to adjust the mirrored eye to compensate for loss, or change of color level, compared to the paired eye. A horizontal image translation feature offers adjustment to depth positioning and can even simulate a 3-D landscape from a 2-D scene.

The new stereoscopic 3-D option for the Imagestore 750 channel branding processor provides four stereoscopic 3-D branding layers with single 1.5Gb/s signals, and two stereoscopic 3-D branding layers with dual 1.5Gb/s, using internally stored 3-D graphics or single/dual fill and key inputs.

Imagestore 750 offers a variable “Z-plane” for graphics depth control to optimize viewing, and this function can be controlled by automation or manually. The 3-D TV branding graphics integrate fully with Miranda's Vertigo Suite graphics automation and asset management.

All Kaleido multiviewers, including the Kaleido-X (96x8), Kaleido-X16 (16x2) and the entry-level Kaleido-Modular (8x2), can provide monitoring of stereoscopic 3-D signals, with support for dual 1.5Gb/s and single 3Gb/s signals.