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Miranda combines technologies for IT-based automated playout system

Miranda Technologies has combined technology it acquired from OmniBus Systems with its own multiview system and monitoring software to create a fully integrated, IT-based playout solution that offers automated, multichannel content delivery, rich graphics and advanced monitoring systems in a single package. The solution, which will be shown at the 2011 NAB Show, in Booth N2515, is designed to deliver cost and workflow efficiencies for all types of broadcasters and playout facilities.

Called the Playout Glass Cockpit, the new technology package tightly integrates the iTX IT-based automated playout system with Kaleido multiviewers and the iControl Playout Manager facility monitoring software suite. The system also incorporates a range of broadcast infrastructure products, including intelligent switching and loudness management.

Michel Proulx, CTO at Miranda, said that with the Playout Glass Cockpit, facilities can improve their channel-to-operator ratios while increasing their overall QoS. They also reduce the repair time when problems occur and can support more channels and new formats quickly and efficiently.

At the heart of the system is the iTX automated playout module, which uses enterprise-grade IT servers and software to unify and streamline ingest, media management, schedule management, asset management, automation, master control, graphics and multiformat playout.

Advanced monitoring capabilities are provided by Kaleido multiviewers and iControl Playout Manager facility monitoring system. For example, the multiviewers display the next event information from the automation system, and the facility monitoring system shows the health of the overall playout system, including the IT servers and IP network.

The company said that this monitoring and control system can incorporate high-performance electronic monitoring, using fingerprint detection for content identification and lip-sync error measurement, as well as loudness monitoring and correction. The electronic supervision function enables a control room operator to monitor more channels with greater effectiveness and respond more rapidly to any signal problems.

In company news, Miranda said it has completed the first phase of its integration with OmniBus Systems executives and technology. In the new organization, Ian Fletcher, formerly CTO at OmniBus Systems, has been appointed CTO of workflow and playout products. He will now be responsible for the development of the iTX automated playout system as well as the graphics range. Mike Oldham, previously CEO at OmniBus, is now general manager of playout automation for the Americas. He will oversee Miranda’s new Denver office and will also play a key role in major account management. John Wadle, formerly vice president of technology at OmniBus, will lead the sales engineering team in the Americas as director of sales of engineering and technology.