Miranda adds new lip-sync monitoring and reporting features to its iControl signal and facility monitoring systems

Miranda has added multiple new features to its iControl signal and facility monitoring systems, including advanced lip-sync monitoring, signal performance reporting, and an SNMP driver creator.

The new iControl Lip-sync Monitoring option allows lip-sync error detection and measurement to be performed across broad signal distribution networks using Densité processing and probing modules. Its unique signal fingerprint comparison technology allows detection of conditions where the synchronization between audio and video has been severed.

Whether the signals are local or distributed over multiple remote locations, iControl Lip-sync Monitoring can collect fingerprint data over IP networks and perform detection of lip-sync errors of up to several seconds.

Multiple new performance reporting features for iControl have been introduced to keep operators of multichannel television systems fully aware of channel performance over time. A variety of powerful reports and graphs help operators better understand the operation of complex signal distribution networks.

With this new reporting, operators can rapidly determine which channels are performing best and which require their attention. For added convenience, the performance reports can be embedded into the monitoring user interface, and they can also be automatically e-mailed to selected recipients.

The new iControl SNMP Driver Creator allows SNMP drivers to be created for iControl simply by loading the SNMP MIB file of any SNMP Agent. Using a series of simple rules, the SNMP Driver Creator allows a user to easily create Mapping Rules to translate "cryptic" data and status into human-readable terms and to expose the performance of a device in a clear and concise way. The resulting device information can be added to the iControl Alarm Browser, or it can be compiled as generic drivers to be applied to multiple agents.

"With the new iControl SNMP Driver Creator, we're empowering our customers to develop their own interfaces across a host of platforms, without any intervention from us or third parties," said Francois Gourvil, senior product manager, monitoring and control, at Miranda.

The iControl range of preconfigured monitoring systems for broadcasters includes iControl PM for playout monitoring, iControl RSM for remote station monitoring, and iControl QC for signal quality control. The iControl Edge system offers quality of experience monitoring for cable/satellite/IPTV service providers. For highly customized monitoring requirements, there's iControl Web which can grow into an end-to-end network management system.

See www.miranda.com/icontrol for more information about Miranda's latest iControl developments.