Minnetonka releases discWelder STEEL v3.0

Minnetonka Audio Software (MASI) is now shipping version 3.0 of discWelder STEEL. The new release includes a subset of features from MASI’s authoring application, discWelder CHROME II, which was recently used to author the latest DVD-Audio (DVD-A) release by former Beatle Ringo Starr, titled “Ringo 5.1.”

AutoMirror takes audio stored in the DVD-A zone and automatically creates, or “mirrors,” a Dolby Digital encoded surround program, producing a fully compatible DVD disc that can be played back in any DVD player. Previously a paid option, discWelder STEEL v3.0 now includes this feature at no additional charge.

Also new to discWelder STEEL v3.0 is red book CD authoring, allowing DVD-A, DVD-V and standard CDs to be used as reference discs. This feature is complimented by the ability to import Direct Stream Digital (DSD) files for authoring or conversion from DSD to PCM for digital audio workstation editing.

The new version of discWelder STEEL is available through MASI pro audio resellers and directly from the company online. Demo versions are available for download, and upgrade paths are available to existing discWelder users.

For more information, visit www.discwelder.com or www.minnetonkaaudio.com.