Minnetonka Audio ships fresh Dolby E software suite

Minnetonka Audio Software has begun shipping Version 1.3 of SurCode for Dolby E. The new version of SurCode for Dolby E suite consists of separate encoder and decoder plug-ins, providing more flexibility in purchase, deployment and use than monolithic products.

The SurCode 1.3 encoder has several improvements, including better interoperability across all decoder platforms as well as user interface improvements. On the decoding side of the suite, the Version 1.3 decoder now delivers improved performance with a wide variety of host and plug-in settings. CPU utilization has also been reduced, along with significant functionality additions to streamline workflow.

For Digidesign users, the new decoder version automatically detects where the Dolby E stream resides within the confines of the Pro Tools 5.1 or 7.1 bus architecture, so no I/O reordering is required. The new decoder optionally configures Pro Tools channels to decode a Dolby E stereo program, a 5.1 program or all eight channels at once. Multiple programs can be handled simultaneously in real time. For Nuendo users, Minnetonka Audio Software has added support for decode from track as well as from live input.