miniCASTER provides mobile TV studio in your pocket

As more and more mobile devices get powerful and smaller, it only makes sense that broadcasting options would follow along the same track. miniCASTER is a new device that allows live streaming to the web and out to a large audience. It works with the Wowza IP media server and its compact size, about the size of a thick smart phone, means it can go just about anywhere.

The unit hooks into almost any analog or digital camera. Once the connections are set, you send out the signal via 3G cellular, Wi-Fi, satellite or dedicated landline. All compression is done right in the box, so the signal out is ready to roll. The unit has a powerful battery that keeps HD video running for up to an hour. Output specs are great; it can generate an H.264/mp4 RTP stream with up to 8Mb/s and 1080p. So if you are looking for full HD, the miniCASTER has you covered.

Support is in place for most major content delivery companies, including Ustream, Limelight, Akamai and many more. Plans are also in place to work with YouTube in the near future. This alignment is especially compelling, as YouTube’s new live streaming initiative can potentially line up perfectly with the new device and its ability to broadcast live HD video from anywhere.

The unit is now shipping, and the company has high hopes it can revolutionize the industry by offering a small portable streaming studio that can go just about anywhere.