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Middle Atlantic offers quiet cooling with UQFP rack-mount fans

Middle Atlantic Products’ Ultra Quiet Fan Panels (UQFP) provide advanced thermal management coupled with quiet operation, making them ideal for broadcast operations that require co-location of on-air talent and rack-mounted equipment. The UQFP comes in two- and four-fan versions, both of which occupy 2RU and never emit more than 27dB of noise. An intelligent digital processor varies fan speed proportionate to internal cabinet temperature. Both models are now shipping.

In addition, the UQFP features a smart integral notification system, providing local and remote alerts when high heat levels occur or if a fan stops operating. The UQFP features an alphanumeric display screen that shows the enclosure’s temperature and also provides instant scrolling fan failure or over-temperature alert messages. With it, broadcast facilities can monitor thermal conditions regularly, troubleshoot easier and address excessive heat before it becomes a problem.

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