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Microwave and RF Resources Launches News Live

News Live
Microwave and RF Resources, a Kennwick, Wash.-based provider of wireless broadcast equipment, has launched News Live and News Live Tactical (TAC) View, a handheld size cellular 3G, 4G/LTE/WiMAX/WiFi and RF transmission system for sending broadcast HD/SD audio/video, two-way control and analytics.

News Live and TAC View allow HD/SD video/audio and two way data for control over regular or private secure (encrypted) cell and other transmission networks. In the digital realm, any kind of sensor or digital information can be transmitted with the appropriate interface.

The company’s “Virtually Live” circuit allows recording directly on the News Live System and TAC View with high quality transmission of the data through packetized data transfer when a new connection is established. It has RF built in and can transmit at 700 or 900 MHz frequencies when needed. It features analytics which allow image tracking and other digital sensor capabilities of interest to law enforcement and government agencies. It can send up to 12 videos from separate sources.

News Live can work with small covert digital body worn camera devices, cameras on rifles and scopes, aircraft and spacecraft cameras and portable handheld IP or broadcast cameras of any type on any vehicle.

News Live is broadcast ready, but the TAC View or an advance version can be developed to meet customer’s specifications and needs.