Microvision shows preproduction Pico Projector at CES

At CES, Microvision demonstrated its preproduction ultra-miniature plug-and-play accessory code-named SHOW WX, in addition to the new PicoHUD vehicle display and the PicoP Evaluation Kit.

"We believe that the accessory Pico Projector is just the beginning for the PicoP display engine, which could be deployed in a diverse range of applications. For this reason, we are providing PEKs to help prospective customers cultivate new ideas and products," said Microvision CEO and President Alexander Tokman.

The Pico Projector combines small size with the power to project large DVD-resolution images and offers a plug-and-play projector for mobile TV, movies, photos and presentations. Users can carry it anywhere; plug it into PMPs, mobile phones, notebooks and other mobile media devices with TV output or VGA functionality; and share the screen with others.

SHOW WX uses Microvision's PicoP display engine technology to deliver colorful, bright, vivid and detailed images. The display engine technology requires no projection lenses or focus adjustment regardless of projection distance, producing widescreen images as small as 6in to as large as 100in.

Powered by the display engine, the PicoHUD is a full-color, head-up display for vehicles that is smaller, brighter and provides more high contrast than traditional HUD technologies.

"Today, drivers have to take their eyes off the road to look at the center console and get relevant information. Head-up displays increase eyes-on-the road time, greatly improving response to unanticipated road conditions," said Ian Brown, Microvision VP of sales and marketing.

The PicoP Evaluation Kit lets customers explore how Microvision's laser scanning technology can enable their own product applications.

The PEK package is less than 10mm thick and is equipped with both digital and analog interfaces for flexibility in testing research and product design ideas. The PEK delivers wide color gamut, infinite focus and wide projection angles. Potential applications include evaluation for future consumer electronics devices, automotive and aerospace applications, medical diagnostic equipment, industrial 3-D modeling applications, non-contact precision measurement and wearable display innovations.

For more information, visit www.microvision.com/pico_projector_displays/index.html.