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Micronas launches SD, HD digital terrestrial demodulator for Chinese TV standard

Micronas has announced the DRX 398yZ family of digital terrestrial demodulators targeted at the growing digital television market in China.

The DRX 398yZ demodulates high-definition and standard-definition television signals according to China’s GB20600-2006 standard, which is also known as Digital Television Multimedia Broadcast (DTMB). The chip is highly integrated and is optimal for applications including set-top boxes, PVRs, IDTVs, Network Interface Modules (NIMs), USB-TV sticks and PC-TV cards.

Micronas’ DRX 398yZ DTMB demodulator supports automatic detection of single-carrier and multi-carrier modes and offers excellent reception performance for both modes. In a single-carrier system, this is achieved via the integrated time-domain equalizer implementing an adaptive decision-feedback algorithm. In a multi-carrier system, this is done via the frequency domain equalizer in cooperation with the advanced channel estimator.

Prototypes are available to selected OEMs now. Volume production is planned for the first quarter of 2009.

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