Mediaproxy LogServer Upgrades With Zixi, SRT Formats

Mediaproxy LogServer
(Image credit: Mediaproxy)

MELBOURNE, Australia—Mediaproxy has upgraded its LogServer logging and monitoring system with the ability to work with Zixi and SRT formats. The update allows LogServer to be used by OTT service operators running low latency streams.

Zixi is a software-defined live streaming platform that can produce broadcast-quality service over any IP network, protocol, cloud provider or edge device. SRT (Secure Reliable Transport), meanwhile, is an open-source video transport protocol based on UDP (User Datagram Protocol) technology to deliver high-quality, low-latency video over the public internet.

“Having native support for both Zixi and SRT protocols in LogServers will allow customers to take advantage of our advanced toolsets for compliance, monitoring and analysis,” said John O’Halloran, Mediaproxy chief technology officer.

In addition, Mediaproxy recently joined the SRT Alliance, which will allow it to further develop its LogServer monitoring and analysis technology for low latency OTT applications.

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