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MediaPhy sampling single chip covers major mobile TV standards

MediaPhy last week unveiled its MP2011 Solo, an all-CMOS single chip that covers most major mobile TV standards including DVB-H, mobile DVB-T, ISDB-T 1-3-13 segment and T-DMB/DAB.

The 7mm by 7mm chip features a baseband design alongside direct conversion (Zero-IF) tuner architecture for low power consumption, consuming 20mW of power in DVB-H mode, 80mW in ISDB-T 1-seg mode and 120mW in both DVB-T mobile and ISDB-T 13-seg modes. In addition, all blocks are on a single CMOS die, eliminating sub-block interfacing components. The Zero-IF direct conversion radio architecture eliminates the need for IF SAW filters, while many components, such as LNA, capacitors, inductors and all necessary memory blocks, have been integrated into the device to reduce the bill of materials cost and enhance system performance.

MediaPhy will sample the chip to customers in October, with volume production expected early next year.

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