Media Support Group Delivers With Clark

Clark’s HFCTP SMPTE311M and RG6SD coaxial cables
As the president and CEO of a full service audiovisual systems integration firm, I'm frequently called upon to provide broadcast interconnect systems for some major university stadiums and arenas. These venues have have ranged from Harvard University and Southern Illinois University to the United States Military Academy at West Point. For a long time, our company has been delivering leading edge cabling infrastructure systems for broadcast and uplink applications.

And for more than 15 years, I have relied upon Clark Wire & Cable for my connectivity requirements. One of the reasons is that their product line has constantly evolved to deliver solutions for current and emerging broadcast standards. From retrofitting existing installations to creating all new facilities, I have made Clark's cable products my "go to" choice for our many demanding projects.


Coaxial cable is still the primary video cabling backbone for many of our company's installations. For HD-SDI feeds I typically specify Clark's RG6SD high-definition coax. We've found that this cable delivers precision SMPTE-compliant electrical performance, and is designed to be easy to install and terminate. Its precision electrical performance provides the sort of transmission line characteristics that are essential for 1.485 Gbps digital signal transport. We also value its mechanical attributes too, as the cable lends itself nicely to installations in large facilities needing multiple cable runs with a high volume of cable terminations. The difference between the Clark product and others can be quite apparent in terms of installation time required on a big job.

In addition to creating coaxial cable infrastructures, our company has increasingly been called upon to provide optical fiber and SMPTE hybrid fiber cabling upgrades. For these optical systems I typically specify Clark's HFCTP SMPTE 311M hybrid fiber cable, single-mode distribution fiber, or its FCC series of hybrid cables. Clark's hybrid fiber cables are exceptionally rugged, flexible and easy-to-terminate. Just as with Clark's copper cable products, the company's fiber-optic cables have proven performance, and their design facilitates efficient cable installation and termination.

In particular, Clark's HFCTP SMPTE 311M cable and distribution systems provide a complete and convenient product line for field installation of point-to-point interconnecting systems. As termination of SMPTE type cables is a detailed and time-consuming process, every bit of streamlining in the termination area returns big benefits during an installation.


For our panel and rack interfacing, I've also relied upon Clark for custom panel work. The company's custom metal fabrication division is able to deliver panels in unique formats, and all punched, labeled and finished specifically to our requirements.

Of equal importance with the company's physical products is Clark's exceptional engineering and customer support. The company's very knowledgeable support team has always helped to ensure that everything was correctly specified and that product delivery flowed smoothly in our various interconnect projects.

Some of our installation and upgrade jobs often have unrealistically short deadlines, and in such time-critical situations, Clark has been a life saver in consistently delivering cable products in time for us to meet these deadlines. Even on multiple projects, Clark has always been able to deliver product within very short time frames.

Greg Pare is president and CEO of Media Support Group, which was founded in 1992. He has also worked as a producer, production director and free-lancer. He may be contacted

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