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Media storage, archive systems, asset management



Features built-in LTO-5 drive with 1.5TB of recording capacity; can be used as a material/program exchange server; uses high-quality MPEG-2 codec with HD/SD-SDI I/O and MXF (OP-1a) wrapper/unwrapper; MXF files on LTO-5 tape can be used directly by other NLE systems.
Booth: C5219


MARVIN Technologies MARVIN 2.0

Automates the creation of backups, LTO tape masters, QuickTime proxies for offline editing and DVD dailies, as well as shot logging; new stereo 3-D support allows the system to ingest left- and right-eye images simultaneously, archiving to two LTO tapes — one for each eye; renders stereoscopic content to side-by-side, interleaved or checkerboard QuickTimes for Final Cut Pro or MXF files for fast import into Avid systems; available in 400GB, 800GB and 1.5TB per day configurations.
Booth: SL1716


ATTO Technology FastStream RAID Storage Controllers

Provide 8Gb/s Fibre Channel or 6Gb/s SAS host connectivity to multiple tiers of SAS/SATA disk storage enclosures; allows for up to 30 streams of HD video served out to multiple workstations; prevents false drive failures, eliminating wasted time replacing good drives; full stream counts are maintained during a drive failure.
Booth: SL2510


Isilon Systems S-Series Nodes

Capable of more than 1.7 million I/O operations per second and 45GB/s of aggregate throughput from a single file system; up to 2.3TB of globally coherent cache; uses SSD technology for file-system metadata, delivering high performance for metadata-intensive operations while improving overall latency; ideal for broadcast, real-time streaming, rendering and post production.
Booth: SL11614


EditShare HD Production Platform

Seamless integration of five product lines, providing an end-to-end production workflow for managing multicamera productions; Geevs (ingest/playout), Flow (asset management), Ark (archiving) manages creation and movement of media across the production workflow with EditShare XStream (shared storage system) at the core managing content access and storage.
Booth: SL4728


TMD i-mediaflex

Provides a Web-based applications environment for users to search, browse and create media workflow processes from the wider enterprise and beyond; features the ability to raise and administer media workflows from any location.
Booth: N3716


Digital Rapids MediaMesh 1.2

Combines a robust delivery framework with flexible, full-featured receiving appliances, providing efficient transfer of file-based digital media between content providers, contributors, aggregators and distribution partners; optimizes the delivery of HD, SD and Digital Cinema content over terrestrial IP networks and satellite; features new sending and contribution tools.
Booth: SL6010


Front Porch Digital SAMMArobot

Provides up to 1000 hours a week of videotape content conversion; loaded with batches of between 48 and 80 videotapes, depending on the format, and migrates up to seven tapes simultaneously, each with their own settings for error detection and multiple digital file outputs; system can be configured as a single-format solution for 60 Betacam or VHS, 48 U-matic or 80 DVCAM/DVCPRO cassettes handling NTSC, PAL or SECAM.
Booth: N5806


Evertz EMS

Highly scalable and high-performing clustered NFS server; offers fault-resilient multitiered core storage; features ingest client with browse proxy and confidence playback, jog/shuttle controls for stored content or live ingest, file ingest with NativPlay for fast real-time ingest, and multichannel playout client with simulcast HD/SD output; media clients are available with optional local storage.
Booth: N1602, SU9717



Integrates each field of the broadcast work process and automatically verifies and integrates interfacing components of each field into the system; supports a series of processes, including production, scheduling, digital assets, copyright, commercials and traffic; copes with workflow changes on the basis of a module-by-module configuration and proactively responds to any changes in market environment or technology; features multichannel programming, integrated asset management, optimized interfacing among systems, and support for multichannel and other channel services.
Booth: SL9109


Alteran Technologies ViTaDi AutoPack

Updated four-channel Version 2.0 features revised master control that organizes and monitors the workflow process, multiclip capture mode, time code break mode and onboard storage; supports native file formats, including QuickTime, MXF and OP-atom; works with customer-supplied VTRs or with either automatic or semi-automatic ViTaDi playback configurations.
Booth: N5537



Allows customers to globally streamline all of their production processes thanks to simple, easy-to-manage workflows and task automation; enables users to connect all of their partners and vendors within a single production ecosystem, simplifying the sharing and managing of media assets; users can now manage all of the processes within the production environment from editing through post production and distribution with one interface.
Booth: SU911


Emerson Network Power HMX Manager

Provides administration and connection management from a central location, enabling the desktop administrator to effectively and efficiently manage the desktop computing resource without compromising the user experience; eliminates distance limitations within the LAN; removes the need for dedicated cabling between the user and computer; supports high-quality DVI video, up to 1920 × 1200, and CD audio; features 128-bit AES encryption for secure access, USB support and interoperability between the HMX extender single- and dual-video, high-resolution products.
Booth: SL8226


Front Porch Digital DIVAdirector v4.1

Enables operators, using their Web browser, to search, locate and retrieve stored media assets directly from their desktops; adds a revamped and simplified browser interface, support for identification and retrieval of clips with noncontiguous time code, partial-restore format auto detection to further simplify user interaction with the complex format/wrapper challenges handled by DIVArchive, and management of remote proxies without the need for their replication specifically for DVIAdirector; offers enhanced integration with SAMMA Solo system.
Booth: N5806


EVS IPDirector

New API and MOS protocol support ensure full interoperability with all types of third-party systems, such as asset management, automation and NRCS including Avid I-News, ENPS or Annova systems; expands integration with NLE systems, including media exchange with Avid editors and new EVS FCP Export Plug-in designed for Apple Final Cut Pro users, which allows export of edited sequences or job requests to an EVS server or near-line storage
Booth: C9508


Streambox Enterprise Server

Captures content at a lower cost by providing an acquisition platform that can be used to manage and play out live and file-based video sent from the field; complete package consists of the Distribution Server, Store and Forward Server, and Interrupted Feedback Broadcast (IFB), which work together to provide an end-to-end solution; automatically archives all video streams to be available for download at a later time.
Booth: SU1702


Dalet Digital Media Systems Dalet News Factory

Applies the principle of story-centric production, in which all departments of the newsroom collaborate in a multimedia-oriented production; integrates desktop scripting with video and multimedia tools, providing a smooth, intuitive workflow, from ingest through automated playout and multiplatform delivery; automates many tasks and processes for additional efficiency.
Booth: SL6014



Software suite integrates video content management for traditional broadcasters with the need for multiple delivery models; provides program management including rights management from contract to usage; ingest management detects and imports any sort of clip automatically; search and retrieve component looks at the meaning behind the words to return any relevant media, ignoring spelling errors in either the metadata or the search query.
Booth: N1402


Myers Information Systems ProTrack MAM

Automates digital media workflow by directing the movement of assets throughout the broadcast content life cycle; provides an affordable and effective solution for managing content using business rules-based control over digital files to assure content is available where and when it is needed; ensures that multichannel content is identified, catalogued, moved to/from the playback server and archived.
Booth: N3434


Quantel QTube

Enables anyone involved with the production process, wherever they are in the world, to view, log and edit material itself located anywhere in the world; engineered to operate in the conditions provided by public Internet connections, where bandwidth, latency and availability are continuously variable; usable workflow will operate at bandwidths as low as 300kb/s and with latency in the range of hundreds of milliseconds.
Booth: SL2014


Harmonic Omneon MediaPort 7000 Series

Delivers new multicodec support with enhanced media processing functionality to streamline playout workflows and simplify the transition to HD; features full SD and HD back-to-back DV and MPEG-2 playback in any combination; optional support for additional codecs, such as AVC-Intra, playable back-to-back with DV and MPEG-2; SD upconversion, HD downconversion, and 1080i/720p crossconversion on every channel, regardless of media codec; simultaneous SDI and HD-SDI outputs for every channel; 1RU frame with dual hot-pluggable power supplies and support for one or two hot-pluggable dual-channel video modules.
Booth: SL2005


SeaChange International Universal Media Library 7200

Fuses traditional linear playout support with production and streaming capabilities into an all-in-one solution; supports studio and post-production workflows as it integrates with nonlinear editing systems like Final Cut Pro and Avid; allows edit-in-place, which lets users edit content that is simultaneously being ingested; supports extremely large files (up to 32TB for single files); provides storage capacity of up to 144TB in 9RU.
Booth: N4319


Sonnet Technologies Transposer

Designed to take the hassle out of installing a 2.5in SATA SSD into a computer's drive bay or SATA storage system; users simply plug in and secure any 2.5in SATA drive to the Transposer, secure it to a 3.5in drive tray — either side or bottom mount — and then plug in the assembly; no adapter cables or additional brackets are required; standard mounting holes and connector placement assure universal compatibility between drives and trays; rugged construction is designed to keep its drives cool.
Booth: SL9605


Small Tree GraniteSTOR ST-RAID II

Ethernet-based shared storage system supports 6Gb SAS/SATA protocol end-to-end; includes direct attached shared storage technology designed specifically for Final Cut post-production professionals looking for economical, functional and easy to manage storage solutions; low latency ensure there are no dropped frames in SD or HD; available in 8-, 12- or 16-drive (1TB, 2TB or 3TB drive) configurations.
Booth: SL10505


SGL FlashNet

Modular structure provides systems that start on a single server for smaller organizations and scale to a cluster with a theoretically infinite number of identical nodes; clustered architecture provides reliability levels; identical software is installed on all members of the cluster, allowing any machine to perform any task; in the event that a server fails or is taken down for maintenance, workload is taken over automatically by another node in the cluster.
Booth: N2821


SAN Solutions ArtiSAN 9400 series

Designed for high-performance film and video applications; supports multiple streams of 2K/4K media, as well as all HD video streams, including 3G and 3D applications; is offered in both a 2RU, 12-bay, 3.5in drive enclosure form factor and a 2RU, 24-bay, 2.5in drive enclosure form factor; includes SAN Solutions' dual active RAID controllers, featuring high-performance hard disk and solid state drives.
Booth: SU3725


RadiantGrid Technologies RadiantGrid Platform

Adds live HD-SDI capture capabilities to record directly from live feeds that will be prepared for distribution; supports GPU-accelerated video preprocessing through its integration of the Cinnafilm Dark Energy plug-in, and audio upmixing, downmixing, loudness range control and multipass scaling through the Linear Acoustic AERO.qc processor; ingested files are immediately indexed for metadata, passed through an integrated QC tool and then transcoded to different file formats.
Booth: SU3725