Media Distributors to resell holographic storage

Media Distributors has been named as a leading reseller of InPhase Holographic Storage solutions to the broadcast and entertainment industry. Media Distributors supplies professional motion picture film stock, videotape, data media, storage and duplication systems, and accessories (representing a broad range of manufacturers).

At NAB, Media Distributors and InPhase will demo the system at the Panasonic booth (#C3512). The demo will showcase how today’s holographic optical storage solutions can integrate with P2 solid-state workflows.

Holographic storage offers 300GB uncompressed capacity per disc, a 20MB/s to 120MB/s transfer rate and a 50-year shelf life.

Holography breaks through the density limits of conventional storage by going beyond recording only on the surface, to recording through the full depth of the medium. Its combination of speed, form factor, capacity and long archival life make it ideal for video asset management.

Unlike other technologies that record one data bit at a time, holography records and reads over a million bits of data with a single flash of light. This enables transfer rates significantly higher than current optical storage devices. It offers four levels of error correction and supports standard SCSI, FC, Ethernet interfaces.

Holographic storage could make it possible to store 50 hours of HD video on a single disk, 50,000 songs on a postage stamp, or 500,000 x-rays on a credit card.

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