Medcom Taps Aveco for Automation in Panama Studios

PRAGUE—Automation provider Aveco is heading to Panama as the choice of Medcom for three studio operations that include a number of terrestrial and cable channels. Medcom has acquired the Aveco studio production automation system and ASTRA MAM system for its stations.

Medcom installed the first of the new Aveco automation system at its first station, Cable Onda Sports, back in November of 2018. According to Aveco, this marked the first of its automation systems to be used in Central America. Medcom will continue with what it is being billed as a three phase project when its Telemetro and ECO TV stations launch with the Aveco system by the end of Q1 2019.

Meanwhile, the ASTRA MAM system is being used to integrate all Medcom systems into one unifying platform. The ASTRA MAM database links to all other storage devices to provide a central point for media management. A rules-based transfer engine automates transfer and operations between multiple systems.

Medcom will have the ability to integrate the Aveco systems with third-party devices and be scaled up for future expansion, per Aveco.