McLean Bible Church Upgrades With Two Lawo Digital Audio Consoles

WASHINGTON — To upgrade its Tysons Corner Campus Christian worship facility in the Washington metro, McLean Bible Church recently purchased two Lawo mc² digital audio mixing consoles and a Lawo Nova 73 central router system.

MBC’s new Lawo mc² audio consoles include: a Lawo mc²56 48-fader console for front of house and broadcast mix duties, and a Lawo mc²36 40-fader console for monitor mixing duties. Both consoles independently access and control all inputs and outputs via the centralized, IP-networked Nova 73 router.

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After demoing several audio consoles, MBC’s Director of Technical Arts Marvin Haines said they chose Lawo consoles based on the tonal quality they produced. “With very little EQ, every instrument and vocal was heard clearly and really shined through our PA.”

The Lawo router provides a network infrastructure for managing and sharing MBC’s multiple consoles, scalable I/O volume, and audio routing to its regional campuses and recording facilities. It also connects with several Lawo stage boxes, including two on stage and one at FOH.

The church claims that this networking solution enables a consistent user-friendly workflow that makes it easier for their staff and volunteers to learn and operate. With the ability to store settings, it’s also easier to switch between the configurations required for different events and productions, as well as multiple-language broadcast feeds.

The Lawo mc²56 can handle up to 888 fully configured DSP channels with 144 summing buses and an 8,192 x 8,192-mono channel matrix capacity. The Lawo mc²36 console supports up to 192 digital signal processing (DSP) channels with its own internal 512 x 512 router. Both offer Automix capability, built-in dynamics and DSP, and tight integration and control of a Waves SoundGrid that makes effects plug-ins controllable from the console surface. The Lawo NOVA 73 router can be managed from the console surfaces or remotely via software.

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Claudia Kienzle