Golf Channel Puts Lawo Faders in Its Bag

RASTATT, GERMANY—Lawo is on the course with the Golf Channel, as the network has installed three 64-fader mc-2-56 consoles to handle its primary production control rooms for live audio. An additional three 16-fader mc-2-36 consoles have been installed in hybrid live audio and post production rooms.

Beyond the mcfaders, Golf Channel has also installed four Lawo V_pro8 audio/video processors for video and audio channel mapping. The units are extra resources, with a dedicated unit per production control room and a fourth unit wrapped around the core video router.

“When we started this project, our objective was to overhaul our entire audio infrastructure while achieving IP-transport, pooled resources, ease of operation and improved workflows,” said Eric Gardner, Golf Channel’s senior director, engineering and BOC. Gardner says that the combination of Lawo gear has allowed Golf Channel to construct a system that combines audio, video, intercom and commentary into a single solution.

The complete system was installed in December of 2017.