MatrixStream introduces MatrixCloud IPTV system for virtual cable providers

The new MatrixCloud IPTV system gives IPTV providers complete control over video content security.
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MatrixStream has introduced the MatrixCloud IPTV system for IPTV providers worldwide, giving them complete control over video content security.

Using the MatrixCloud geo-blocking feature, content streaming can be controlled down to city geography level. 

The MatrixCloud IPTV solution gives service providers the ability to restrict live channels by city so service providers can roll out protected content city by city.

MatrixCloud also gives IPTV providers the ability to offer DVR and user-initiated DVR functions. With flexibility to deploy either or both features, viewers can watch their video content anywhere, at any time, and on any streaming-capable device.

The MatrixCloud IPTV system allows service providers to restrict content programming by city, which enables customers to watch programming on any broadband connection. With this geo-blocking feature, service providers can obtain hard-to-get must-have channels, such as sports and other premium programming not normally available over the Internet.