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Masstech Launches New Production, Asset Management Gear at NAB

Masstech Group debuted products for asset management, recording and playback and MPEG transcoding at NAB.

The MassBrowse is a cut, edit and content preparation tool that works with MPEG-4 media over TCP/IP connections. It lets users edit frame accurate MPEG-4 representations of broadcast conent and then map edits performed on the proxy MPEG-4 files directly to the parent asset. MassBrowse runs on MS Windows 2000 or XP platforms.

MassLogger acts as a VCR replacement for off-air logging and matches as-run files to logged video for reconciliation, streams live on-air for remote monitoring and stores playout for on-disk-based technology. Using MPEG-4 encoding and playback, the MassLogger features local or networked disk storage. The system can be configured for single- or multi-channel networked systems with local and networked storage. The encoding bit rate is user definable and the product is available starting at $3,000 per channel.

Finally, Masstech released the MassAccess, a device that enables automatic, cross-platform MPEG transcoding, permitting content encoded on one video server to be played out of a server from a different manufacturer. The system can be used with MassStore or operated as a standalone application, controlled via a GUI or opem XLM API. Supported video servers include Pinnacle, SeaChange International, SGI, SkyMico, Thomson/Grass Valley and Vela.