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Marshall ‘Titan’ Paves the Way for 4K at Inter Video

The Marshall Titan V-SG4K-HDI test generator

BURBANK, CALIF.—Inter Video is an equipment rental company that also supplies production services for television, feature film and commercial projects. During the past two years we’ve started selling some of the items that we rent, including products from Marshall Electronics.

One of these is Marshall’s new 4K/UHD test signal generator, the Titan V-SG4K-HDI. As we’re beginning to move into the world of 4K video, it seemed to be a natural fit and we purchased several units and use these in several different applications. One is in our tech shop for checking out monitors that are being rented, as well for testing those monitors that are being returned from rentals. In these instances, we use the Titan to check for panel damage before and after monitor rentals.

Also, many of the video monitors we deal with have some HDMI inputs, or are entirely HDMI, so this test generator is really valuable in our business as it allows us to test all of the different aspects of an HDMI monitor—picture, audio, HDCP and EDID as well.

Another reason we chose Marshall’s Titan is that as we move into new areas of business, we plan to send test generators out in the field with our engineers. The Titan is really ideal for this purpose, as it’s very small and portable and provides a really wide range of patterns and resolutions, including 4K.

Among the problems that we sometimes encounter in the field are equipment glitches when we’re trying to interface with other gear for the first time. The Titan’s solid signals are ideal for troubleshooting this sort of problem.

In a recent instance, the Titan also proved to be a big timesaver. On one of our shows the engineer had to set up geat for frame rate conversion of HDMI signals and the feed wasn’t ready during setup. The Titan allowed him to go ahead and do the setup and checkout,so that when the HDMI feed was finally available everything was all set and ready to go.

And as the Titan is very affordable you can treat it as a multimeter and send one out with each of your techs.

We’re really looking forward to making more use of the Titan’s 4K feature set during the coming year as we move further into UHD.

We’ve worked with Marshall for a number of years and always found their service and support to be excellent. This is another reason why we purchased the Titan “hot off the presses.” We knew that Marshall’s support would be consistent if there were ever any issues.

Prior to learning about Titan, we weren’t aware of any test signal generators offered at, or near, the Titan’s price point that could perform as well—or offered such a variety of features and quality—in a single package. We’ll be purchasing many more of these for use in our shop, the field, and also for sale. In fact, a customer saw the first one we received, and immediately purchased it.

Richard Clark is the president of Inter Video. He may be contacted at

For additional information, contact Marshall Electronics at 800-800-6608 or visit