Lynx Technik Releases HDR Evie+ Conversion Tool

(Image credit: Lynx Technik)

WEITERSTADT, Germany—Lynx Technix is rolling out its new HDR Evie+ tool designed for the company’s greenMachine platform. Part of the HDR Suite of Processing Solutions for greenMachine, HDR Evie+—along with HDR Evie and HDR Static—address the challenge of archiving content in both SDR and HDR.

The greenMahcine suite seeks to address the issue of having two independent production routes for SDR and HDR by combining optimized HDR with up-convertered SDR sources into a single HDR production process.

HDR Evie+ is Lynx Technick’s latest edition to its suite of format conversion systems. Using a patented, dynamic segmented frame-by-frame algorithms that use sectional dynamic tone mapping for adjusting each segment of the 3G or 4K HDR content in real time. The segmented dynamic conversion of HDR Evie+ is suited for content like live sports and news broadcasts, according to Lynx Technik.

The entire range of Lynx Technik’s greenMachine HDR <> SDR processing technology supports a range of open standards for conversion, tone mapping and color gamut, including HLG, PQ, SDR and SLog3. Rec 709, Rec 2020 and camera standards by Panasonic, Sony, Arri, ACES, DCI-P3, RED and BMD.

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