Lynx Technik Launches Callisto+ Hardware Device

Lynx Technik Castillo+
(Image credit: Lynx Technik)

WEITERSTADT, Germany—Lynx Technik has released a new greenMachine general purpose hardware device, Callisto+, a 2x 3G capable hardware that provides users with an entry-level signal processing solution when 4K is not necessary.

The greenMachine Callisto+ hardware includes input/output cross-point switching and distribution, an audio cross-bar for embedding/de-embedding SDI audio to and from sources and destinations. It supports analog, discrete or embedded AES and MADI audio.

Additional features include a Dolby E decoder and a full metadata management tool; HDMI in/outputs; fiber interfaces for 3G HD-SDI and Gigabit Ethernet LAN control with optional SFPs; an integrated color display and control panel; and full remote control through the greenGUI software.

Callisto+ also complements the existing greenMachine Titan hardware, offering the same feature set and performance.

The first signal processing configuration available for Callisto+ is GMC-2CUPXD, a broadcast-quality two channel 3G SD up/down/cross converter, which can convert between SD, HD and 3G video formats. GMC-2CUPXD also has a frame synchronizer, 3G scaler, de-interlacer with motion adaptive filtering, embedded metadata management, color correction and other video adjustment features.

With Callisto+, users can purchase licenses for future configurations without the new to purchase new hardware. Also, unlicensed configurations can be deployed for testing and proof of system concept.

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