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Loudness analyzer from Wohler uses iPod

With loudness becoming regulated worldwide, Wohler's Pandora loudness analyzer can ensure content is EBU R128, ITU-1770 and -1771 compliant. These standards were created in response to viewer feedback about inconsistent loudness levels from programs to commercials and from channel to channel.

Pandora allows you to set your own reference parameters including over/under limits, as well as gating, integration time and metering modes. Configuration is quick and easy using the unique implementation of a touch screen interface that runs on an Apple iPod touch. With updates available from the iTunes App Store, you will always have access to the most current software required to maintain compliance with evolving industry standards and practice.
The Pandora measures up to eight channels instantly with adjustable over/under alarms from 3G, HD/SD-SDI and AES inputs. It also has adjustable integration periods with histogram display of loudness over time and displays weighted loudness measurements across channels. Intuitive software with easy installation and upgrades is available from iTunes App Store.

A separate iPod purchase is required.