Logitek announces console enhancements

Artisan, Mosaic consoles gain new capabilities.
New upgrades to the Logitek Mosaic (shown) and Artisan digital consoles are now shipping.

Logitek Electronic Systems has announced several enhancements to its Artisan and Mosaic digital audio consoles. Both consoles, which are modular, scalable control surfaces for Logitek's Audio Engine router, are available in a variety of frame sizes to accomodate the user's footprint and operational needs. At NAB2007, Logitek announced a variety of enhancements, all of which are now shipping.

For the Artisan, the total number of possible faders has been increased from 30 to 32. Logitek's effects module is now available, providing instant access to all EQ and dynamics settings. The module offers coarse, fine and ultra-fine levels of adjustment for each parameter, and is dynamically re-assigned to whichever fader module is being adjusted. Pop-up EQ and dynamics screens are available, showing console information on a user's VGA screen. As knobs on the effects module are used, the pop-up screen displays EQ and eynamics settings in a large, easy to read format.

For Mosaic users, a pop-up fader display with associated EQ and dynamics information places selected information on a user's VGA screen. vSnapshot, a scene capture and recall feature, provides a pop-up GUI that runs on a user's VGA screen. 50 scene captures are available per control surface, with data saved in user-editable text files.

For live radio applications such as location broadcasting or multimicrophone talk shows, automatic mixing/ducking capability has been added to Logitek consoles. This ramp-up/down feature allows for smooth transitions among live microphones, reducing background noise and improving intelligibility.

For more information, visit www.logitekaudio.com.