Livestream Unveils GoPro Hero Live Streaming

BROOKLYN, N.Y.—Livestream released an update to its Livestream Phone app enabling live broadcasting from GoPro Hero for the first time.

Built into the Livestream App (for iOS), users can select between Front Camera, Back Camera, or their GoPro Hero camera and broadcast live. Once the iPhone is connected to the GoPro’s WiFi network, the video from the GoPro camera appears in the Livestream App ready for broadcasting.

The App also supports live video filters, allows posting of snapshots to the feed, and the inclusion of chat functions with viewers whether standing still or jumping off a cliff. A locking feature can be activated for total mobility and to avoid accidental touches - users can put the iPhone in their pocket or waterproof pouch.

With a fully charged GoPro and iPhone users may stream for nearly two hours, longer with external batteries, ideal for any action sport, events, and environments - anywhere where a 4G network is available.

The Livestream App is available for free at