Link Electronics Debuts SDI Caption Data Packet Analyzer

JACKSON, MO.—Link Electronics has announced its new SCA-436 SDI Caption Data Packet (CDP) Analyzer. The product is designed to analyze all aspects of the CDP in the SDI stream and present data in an easy to read format; it also identifies CDP errors.

A dual-support system, SCA-436 indicates what CEA-608 (CC1-CC4) and CEA-708 (S1-S6) captions are present. When a CDP descriptor is present, the technology will indicate what services are in the CDP descriptor. The system also ensures compliance with FCC standards for closed-captioning.

Errors are displayed on the On-Screen Display panel, as well as one of its three outputs, while the other two allow for downstream use; the length an error message is present is customizable. Link Electronics says that most CDP errors can be corrected by running the error through a captioning legalizer.