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Liner Acoustic Introduces Third-Generation AERO.air

Linear Acoustic will display its line of AERO audio processing solutions, including its third-generation AERO.air at the NAB Show. AERO.air is equipped with multiple loudness controllers, dual upmixers, metadata management and two-channel downmixing.

The AERO.qc allows users to fix loudness problems automatically and in real time as audio enters the plant and is fed into the ingest server. It couples the ITU BS.1770 loudness-measurement specification with proprietary signal evaluation techniques to evaluate content and make adjustments.

The production audio maximizer takes control of audio quality, providing specialized processing that makes it easy to combine studio content with prerecorded spots, insertions and live remotes. The audio processor has built-in loudness control, metadata control, and optional transmission encoding, which can help affiliate stations looking to match local and network content.

The company will also be showing the UPMAX:neo 5.1 channel production upmixer and the StreamStacker-HD e2 codecs. The StreamStacker-HD high-density audio distribution system is capable of carrying 16 channels of audio and metadata in a single 48 kHz, 20-bit AES pair to support multiple programs with surround sound and alternate languages.