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Linear Acoustic shows LAMBDA audio monitor at NAB2007

At NAB2007, Linear Acoustic unveiled its new LAMBDA (Linear Acoustic Monitor for Broadcast Digital Audio) audio and metadata monitor. The device is designed to allow bit stream monitoring of digital audio and metadata through the entire broadcast chain, from production to consumer. The 2RU mountable unit accepts both baseband and HD-SDI audio plus metadata, with Ethernet remote monitoring. Dolby Digital (AC-3), Dolby E and Linear Acoustic e2 (e-squared) decoding are also available as options.

LAMBDA displays and reproduces up to 16 audio channels via AES or embedded HD-SDI input. It accepts industry-standard professional audio metadata via nine-pin serial input or by extracting it from the vertical ancillary (VANC) space of an applied HD-SDI input. Audio and metadata can be displayed and properly combined. Any channel, channel pair or Lt-Rt/Lo-Ro downmix can be monitored through its two-way speaker system, via front-panel headphone connector, rear-panel, balanced analog stereo or AES-format digital output.

LAMBDA handles loudness monitoring per the new ITU BS.1770 (RLB) standard, giving operators a built-in method for quickly verifying program loudness. An optional tracking video delay compensates HD-SDI signal for the latency associated with various input stream protocols. A vacuum fluorescent display and two intuitive navigation clusters provide straightforward system navigation and audio adjustment.

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