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Linear Acoustic rolls out special AERO.2000 pricing

Linear Acoustic has announced a $10,000 price advantage on the purchase of a new AERO.2000 audio/loudness manager when customers trade in any or all of their old television processors.

Participating Linear Acoustic dealers can now offer a fully optioned version of the recently introduced AERO.2000 at the cost savings to their customers in exchange for any television processor in any condition from any manufacturer, including Linear Acoustic.

Introduced at NAB 2013, AERO.2000 offers AEROMAX loudness control, upmixing via the company’s UPMAX II algorithm and optional Dolby encoding/decoding, and Nielsen watermarking.

It also employs Linear Acoustic’s Intelligent Dynamics hybrid metadata processing system, which allows the content itself to control the processing. Programming identified as well produced and trusted can be passed along without additional control, while content that is not marked as trusted can still be well-managed to ensure compliance.

AERO.2000 offers support for up to 16 audio channels in two independent instances — 5.1+2+Local and 2+2+Local. It also provides a high degree of program flexibility and includes ITU-R BS.1770-3 loudness metering for all programs.