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Photon Beard Nova Spot

Power consumption is 273W and can be powered by mains or battery; no fans required; daylight color temperature with near continuous spectrum; produces similar amounts of light as a 2000W tungsten Fresnel.
Booth: C3346


Litepanels Sola 6, Sola ENG

Capable of focusing output from a 70-degree to 10-degree beam and dimming from 100 percent to zero with no color shift; Sola 6 has a 6in Fresnel lens and draws 75W while providing light output equivalent to a 650W tungsten Fresnel; Sola ENG has a 3in Fresnel lens, and is small and lightweight enough for on-camera use in an ENG or remote application.
Booth: C6025


Videssence See-Me Lite

LED lights produce soft, comfortable, nonglaring lighting for personal image broadcasting via webcam; boosts the vertical light levels on the face and features to separate the face from ambient lighting for the camera; 100V or 240V; each 4W fixture provides 3000K color.
Booth: C2944