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LG readies ATSC mobile TV for prime time

As North American ATSC mobile TV rolls out, LG is readying new products for watching it.

The new LG DP570MH mobile DTV offers the flexibility of both over-the-air reception and DVD playback, making it an ideal personal TV. Equipped with stereo speakers and a 7in widescreen can be tilted to your preferred viewing angle, the clamshell-style DP570MH folds down to about 10in by 7in, about the size of a small hardback book.

The DP570MH plays DVD movie discs and audio CDs, displays JPG photos and can play WMA music files from its USB 2.0 connection. It has two earphone jacks to accommodate more than one viewer. A removable battery powers 2.5 hours in TV mode or up to 4.5 hours during DVD playback. LG says that the DP570MH will hit retailer shelves later this year.

LG also reports that the company has already ramped up mass production of the LG2160A mobile TV tuner chip, and released the newest version, the LG2160R single-chip design that includes both the tuner and demodulator, at CES in January. Later this month, LG plans to release the LG2161R receiver IC, which is even smaller, consumes less power and delivers higher performance.