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LG introduces DP570MH ATSC-M/H DTV player

If you go to LG Electronics' Web site, you wouldn't guess that the company was a co-developer of North America's ATSC-M/H standard. That's because searches on "ATSC-M/H" and "ATSC mobile DTV" return: "Sorry, no search results were found."

However, word went out recently that the inscrutable Korean electronics giant is introducing the LG DPH570MH mobile TV player, "a unique battery-powered DVD player with a 7in screen and an antenna for easy pickup of mobile DTV programs such as those that are being sent now in the Washington, D.C., market." In fact, you can read about the DPH570MH, and see pictures of it, in every technology news outlet in the United States except LG's site.

In addition to TV reception, the DP570MH plays DVD video and audio CD discs, displays JPEG photos, and plays WMA music files via its USB2.0 connection. It has two earphone jacks to accommodate more than one listener, and a removable battery powers 2.5 hours in TV mode or up to 4.5 hours during DVD playback. Both AC and auto power adaptors are included. The DP570MH with integrated DVD player will be available later this year, according to the company.