LEMO 3SAE Fusion Splicer Wins Praise

The new Fusion Splicer in use at Little Bay Broadcast Services
Little Bay Broadcast Services decided to add SMPTE termination to our services this past spring, after learning about a new technique using a new fusion splicer created through a joint venture between 3SAE Technologies and LEMO USA.

From the beginning, we've striven to provide—in-house—all of the services that our customers might ever need. We've been certified in fiber cable preparation for seven years, but felt that by offering SMPTE termination and repair services, we could really round out what we have to offer, and this has caught the attention of many new customers.

Customers that have used our fiber cable assembly and repair services have been very pleased with the results and are exceptionally happy with how quickly we're able to complete their projects.


Without the addition of the fusion splicer to our operation, our customers would have had to wait for weeks, or even months for completion of the same jobs.

Such delays in fiber cable preparation are often due to the backlog of work at the companies offering fiber cable termination services. It can be a long tedious affair without the technology that we now use in our everyday fiber work.

Not only is the LEMO and 3SAE Fusion Splicer a real time saver when it comes to fabricating new customized fiber optic cables, but the fusion splicer also provides us with the capability to turn around repair work from customers in much less time than before, and also it makes any such repair work much more precise.

The new splicer lets us accomplish the involved SMPTE termination process faster than we ever thought possible. The compact nature of this fiber splicing system makes it easier for us to take it out of the shop and provide fiber splicing at a customer's place of business.

The precise nature of the fiber splicing technology achieved with the LEMO/3SAE Fusion Splicer also results in a nearly lossless splice, even when performed in field applications.


Being able to offer such services was made much easier with the on-site training provided by 3SAE and LEMO. The hands-on learning opportunity provided for our staff in connection with the Fusion Splicer really made for a seamless launch of this capability in our overall range of services. During the training we experimented with the technology to determine the best and most effective way to use the new equipment, with help and advice from the trainers.

After only a few days of training we were able to begin terminating and repairing SMPTE cable assemblies.

We know that whatever the customer wants, and however demanding his or her requirements may be, we are now capable of meeting of their expectations.

This kind of service goes a long way in building customer loyalty. Investing in the fusion splicer from 3SAE and LEMO USA has been a very sound decision. It's really an investment in the future of this company, and with the changing state of the economy, it's one of the best purchases we could have made.

David Raynes is the co-owner of Little Bay Broadcast Services, a broadcast system integration firm located in Barrington, N.H. David has worked in the broadcast industry for the past 37 years. He may be contacted atdavid@littlebay.tv.

For more information, contact LEMO USA at 800-444-5366 or visitwww.lemo.com.