Leightronix Interfaces with Kramer

Leightronix and Kramer Electronics have teamed up to provide a new routing switcher control option that links Leightronix's TCD/IP Network-Managed Video System Controller with Kramer's single bus and matrix routing switchers that use Protocol 2000. This interface allows the TCD/IP to control Kramer switchers on a scheduled daily basis and also provides remote management via a TCP/IP network.

Leightronix TCD/IP is an automation controller that provides playback and recording for cable and broadcast television operations. It is designed to interface with and control video/audio signal routing and record/playback equipment.

The TCD/IP operates as a stand-alone system controller and is managed through a network using the provided WinTCD software. WinTCD provides a user interface for creation and management of schedules for event switching. A software control panel provides switching and the display of router status. Input/output aliases and device assignments created in WinTCD allow for identification of system resources and destination selection.