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Leader introduces composite video input module for LV5800

Leader has introduced the LV58SER03 composite video input module for the LV5800 multistandard broadcast waveform monitor.

The new module, which is currently available, is fully PAL- and NTSC-compatible and has two 75ohm BNC inputs and a loop-through BNC output displaying the selected channel.

When integrated into the LV5800, the LV58SER03 can be used to display waveform, vector, picture and relative phase. In phase-display mode, the composite input is compared to the vertical and horizontal sync of an external reference and displayed numerically as well as graphically for easy sync phase management. Luminance can be isolated and displayed using a low-pass filter. Amplitude and time parameters can be measured accurately using adjustable cursors. When used in combination with Leader's LV58SER01, the new module enables composite and SDI signals to be measured on a single instrument.

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