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Leader Electronics Adds SR Live Monitoring To LVB440 IP Analyzer

(Image credit: Leader Electronics)

YOKOHAMA, Japan—Leader Electronics today unveiled several major feature additions for the LVB440 IP Analyzer, including signal generation tools for IP traffic and signal monitoring as well as the ability to monitor and analyze SR Live Metadata necessary for mutual conversion of HDR and SDR content via the SR Live for HDR solution. 

SR Live for HDR forms part of the broadcast production workflow when content is transcoded from 4K HDR or HD HDR. Using metadata sourced from each camera, the LVB440 enables production staff to identify and correct potential issues quickly and effectively, the company said.

The latest additions follow the product’s Q4 2021 feature expansion, which included support for JPEG XS ST 2110-22 compression analysis, closed captioning measurement, 7.1 and 5.1 surround sound and loop-mode continuous capture of data packets, it said.

With its new signal generation capabilities and SR Live Metadata toolset, the LVB440 offers increased efficiency in evaluating network performance. Operators can create placeholder reference signals locally using the integral GUI or remotely via NMOS. SDR and HDR signals, such as chroma bars, can be configured for specific video resolutions or refresh rates, including a user-definable video or audio ident, saving time during system setup or alteration, the company said.

Placeholders also can be created to represent video and audio feeds that will be required later in the production timeline. Network connections, such as remote OB or studio sources, can then be tested before the start of a live transmission, it said.

Housed in a compact 1U, the LVB440 allows efficient analysis of SD, HD, HD HDR, 4K and 4K HDR data flow over media networks of any size. Designed to monitor and analyze high-bitrate media traffic in broadcast production studios, OB vehicles, master control facilities and transmission networks, the analyzer supports data rates of 10, 25, 40 and 50 gigabit/s, extending up to 100 gigabit/s via dual interfaces. The core processor is more than capable of handling the 48 gigabit/s data rate required for full bandwidth source 8K, it said.

The LVB440 is controlled via an HTML-5 browser and provides full support for up to eight local or remote users. It gives production teams the ability to perform real-time checks on large numbers of streams and multiple resolutions in parallel at multiple locations. Operators can survey every media transport layer of an IP network simultaneously, allowing issues to be rectified before they impact the quality of service experienced by viewers, the company said.

Existing LVB440 models can be updated to the latest version via the Leader website, it said.

More information is available on the company’s website (opens in new tab)

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