Lawo Updates VSM for Live Production Over IP

(Image credit: Lawo)

RASTATT, Germany—Lawo has introduced VSM Release 2020-2 offering new control enhancements, including new Flow State Master functions for IP-based broadcast data.

The new functionality ensures that an IP infrastructure is in a deterministic routing state at all times and restores this state automatically in the event of a partial or full outage. As a result, the Flow State Master functions bring a new level of operational security to the IP production environment, Lawo said.

Another new function is Wallboxing. It allows studio facilities to move devices across an API-controlled IP infrastructure and maintain flow connectivity, a particularly useful benefit for multistudio facilities that frequently move around devices like stageboxes, monitors and teleprompters on the studio floor, said Lawo. Wallboxing ensures existing IP links are re-established when a device is connected to a switchport at a new location.

The Network Bridging function allows two or more independent VSM-controlled IP installs to share resources. Accessing a resource on one network from another requires minimal configuration and preserves functions exposed to operational workflows, the company said.

An operator working on the system provides the signal marked sources as “shared” so that operators on the signal-consuming system can access these signals for local use. VSM automatically and silently manages tielines between the systems based on actual signal consumption across the connected installs, it said.

Network Bridging can be used for facility connections across the nation, truck-to-facility connections and truck-to-truck connections.

VSM Release 2020-2 will be available in summer 2020, the company said.

More information is available on the Lawo website

Phil Kurz

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