Lawo shows second-generation mc²56 production console

Lawo has announced the introduction of the second-generation mc²56 production console. Featuring crossplatform compatibility with its two larger mc² Series siblings — the flagship mc²90 and mc²66 — the new mc²56 introduces a wealth of features aimed at streamlining workflow efficiencies and increasing productivity.

Among the mc²56’s new features is real, two-man operation with fully decentralized control of all parameters including bank and layer selection, EQ, dynamics and bus assignment — due in no small part to the console’s fully featured ISO bay access provisions. The new mc²56 now offers improved ergonomic and intuitive handling, providing operators greater confidence when working under pressure.

As part of the mc²56’s enhanced functionality, the new console also provides expanded, simplified touch operation — making workflow more intuitive. This applies to operational aspects such as VCA allocation, bus assignment, meter pickup/mode select and mix-minus configuration. This enhanced operation is further accentuated by the console’s new button-glow provisions for color-coding the channel strips. Similarly, the new mc²56 provides Illuminated rotary knobs for an even better overview — all of which makes it easier for the operator to visually keep track of one’s mix — even in low-light conditions.

Now with permanent metering of the 16 central faders, the console also adds Local I/O’s that are newly integrated into the mixing console surface. Wherever monitoring or metering, headphones or talkback are required, operators can now simply connect one’s vital third-party devices directly to the console, further streamlining workflow.

The Overbridge now features an integrated Reveal Panel — making it easier, for example, to identify the components of a 5.1 surround mix assigned to an individual fader.

The mc²56 provides full support of RAVENNA technology for real-time processing of audio signals in IP-based networked environments. With as many as 256 I/O’s per CAT-5 line, this capability not only conserves precious space in, for example, an OB van; it also provides greater cost efficiencies.

The new mc²56 console offers a wealth of DSP power — with support for upwards of 888 channels. Lawo’s AMBIT upmix tool offers the ability to convert stereo sources to 5.1 surround, with fully 100 percent compatible downmix capability. There is also full support for Lawo’s Loudness metering functionality, which is designed to help eliminate jumps in audio loudness between different TV/radio programs or during a single program.