LARCAN, Sumavision Technologies partner to offer MPEG encoding for transmission use

LARCAN has partnered with Sumavision Technologies to provide the low-power broadcast market with a complete MPEG encoding platform of integrated encoder-multiplexers.

The new Octane series of encoder-multiplexers is an affordable MPEG solution for television transmission solutions. The Octane series enables combinations of multiple SD and HD program streams, along with a multiplexer and dynamic PSIP in a compact package. The Octane encoder-multiplexer integrates advanced MPEG technologies from Sumavision.

LARCAN’s new Octane encoder-multiplexer is capable of encoding and multiplexing digital signals together to provide multiple channels from one transmitter. Octane enables broadcasters the flexibility to grow from one to multiple channels on a plug and play basis.

The Octane series helps complete the LARCAN Plus system; a full end-to-end solution for digital conversions.