Laird Telemedia to introduce DV switcher

At NAB2006, Laird Telemedia will unveil its new LTM-DV4X1A, which provides simple DV-based switching of up to four devices.

This digital production tool accepts DV IEEE 1394 (FireWire) inputs from DV devices, such as VTRs, cameras, or NLEs, and will lock and switch any of the four sources glitch-free.

Devices do not have to be genlocked or synchronous. The LTM-DV4X1A also allows insertion of external audio into the DV stream from either a line level or microphone source.

The switcher features simple front-panel pushbuttons. Two of the compact units fit in one LTM-RK2 rack-mount adapter.

See Laird Telemedia at NAB2006 in booth SL3769, or visit

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