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Laird Telemedia - CAT-5 AV Linl

PhatCat Econo Systems provide a cost-effective way to transport audio and video signals via CAT-5 cable to cover distances of up to 1,500 feet. Even greater distances are possible when MediaTwist CAT-5 cable is used to interconnect units.

Three PhatCat models are available to cover a range of requirements. These include a two-channel audio/video system, a four-channel video-only system and a four-channel audio-only system.

The transmitters and receivers are equipped with RJ45 connectors for the CAT-5 cable and BNC and RCA devices for video and audio interfacing.

The individual units can be used in a table top configuration or rack-mounted with an optional kit.

For additional information, contact Laird Telemedia at 800-898-0795 or visit