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Laird Pre-Loading 12G-SDI Single Link BNC Camera Cables on Reels

MOUNT MARION, N.Y.—Laird wants to untangle the cabling process for consumers with its latest offerings, pre-loaded reels of 12G-SDI Single Link BNC camera cables.

The reels are military-grade with a spool brake and a 4K/8K chassis mount BNC connector. SMPTE compliant Belden and Canare low-loss coax cables terminate with BNC connectors and deliver 12G-SDI signal transmission up to 328 feet, depending on model, as well as 3G up to 686 feet.

Laird is offering these new cable reels in six models and a variety lengths. Available models include LCR-4855-B-B, LCR-4505-B-B, LCR-4694-B-B, LCR-4794-B-B, LCR-RT4855 and LCR-12G-B-B.